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This site was launched in 2002 as the first version of my personal homepage. I am leaving the gallery up for archival purposes, but please come and visit me at my new home!


Where am I?

Welcome to, the personal homepage of a girl bumming around Japan and trying to find herself without getting lost in the sea of buildings and people that is Tokyo.

Who am I?

My name is Kim. I have lived in Japan for 6 1/2 years now. I came to Japan as a JET Programme participant in Kawaguchi City. What's the JET Programme? Where is Kawaguchi? The JET Programme is a teaching program that imports foreign and native English speakers from many countries all over the world to teach in Japanese elementary, jr. high, and high schools. Our roles as teachers are to assist in the teaching of English at the high school and jr. high levels, and to increase internationalization at the elementary school level. Kawaguchi City is one train stop away from Tokyo-to on the Kehin-Touhoku JR line and I love it here. might seem like a stretch in the deep winter months, but there is honestly no other place I would rather be in Japan. I guess I was always the small-town girl trying to make it to the big city.

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